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At this time, we are not accepting any donations. Due to some unavoidable circumstances and the untimely death of Chairman Mangal Gupta, the construction of the temple could not start. The Committee is deciding the future course of action. 

For questions, please send email to info@hanumantempleusa.org 




                                  GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY                              



It was Ram Navami (Date of birth of Shri Ram, Avtar of God on earth ) and Palm Sunday , both very Holy Day in the two great religions on earth, when the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Historic Sankat  Mochan Mandir in Old Bridge, NJ took place. 

Also it is a First that a NJ Senator participated actively in the Pooja from the beginning to the end. 

Event was supported and attended by American community as well as 

Dignitaries Senator Sam Thompson, Assemblyman Robert Clifton, Asm 

Upendra Chivukula, Dr Poonam Alaigh, former Health Commissioner , NJ State, Councilman Richard Green, surrogate of Mayor O. Henry of Old Bridge as he was out of town, Councilperson Debbie Walker and Anita Greenberg, Chairman, OBRCC, Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad , Councilman Edison attended the event.

 Program started with the Devotional music and Songs, Chaupaiyan (Verses) from ancient Epic Ramayan.

 Famous Play back singer of sixties and seventies Minoo Purushottam sang bhajan on the great occasion. 

By chanting the Mantra in Sanskrit from Ancient Scriptures the Priest performed the Pooja  (worship) of Lord Ganesh (the first one to be worshipped to remove all the obstacles), Mother earth, Nava Graha (nine planets) and performed  Havan and other rituals. 

In the end, Pooja ceremony was done in 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft  hole in the ground by pouring in Milk and Holy Water  and then it was covered by earth by Shovel by All guest and dignitaries.  

Because of the tough location of the Site from the point of view of Parking and other Traffic considerations, a Bus shuttle was organized to transport the guests back and forth from the parking lot to the Temple Site. Nearly 500 people attended the event. 

The event was heavily covered by Media such as TV Asia, Sahara TV, India Abroad, EBC Radio, Radio Dil Se and others. 

After the Ceremony delicious Prasad (Blessed Food) was served to all attendees. A brief Reception was done honoring the dignitaries for their help and Support. 

Mangal Gupta, Founder and Chairman, in his welcome speech said, "The only reason this Sankat Mochan temple is being built is to help people who are in SANKAT (suffering and crisis) . They can go there and pray for the relief from  their Problems and get their MANORATH (wishes) fulfilled." 

The Name "SANKAT MOCHAN" literally means "Remover of Serious Problems". This name was given to Hanuman Ji by Sant Tulasidas, after writing Ramayan and Hanuman Chalisa at the Bank of Holy river Ganga in the Holy city of Varanasi, UP, India. He said, “I am giving YOU this name because this is YOUR Role in Ramayan.  Any time Sri Ram was in Ghor Sankat, you helped Him.”  

And then he founded the World Famous Temple Sankat Mochan in Varanasi, India, where people come from all over the world to pray for relief from their problems. 

Mr Gupta said, "One day people from whole North America and all over the world will come to this Sankat Mochan in Old Bridge for relief of their problems and fulfill their Wishes. I PRAY to Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji to Help all those who come here, as this is the only Goal I have. " 

It took nearly seven years in finding the land and getting all approvals from State, County and Town after spending lot of time and money. 

Temple is ready for construction and need Funds. One can help by Tax deductible Donation  or extending loan  to the Temple. Names of the Donors of $1000.00 or more will go on the Wall of the Temple. You can donate On Line or pay by check or Credit Card. Make checks payable to Sankat Mochan Temple USA and mail to the office 40 La Valencia Rd , Old Bridge, NJ 08857. 

 In addition to the the dignitaries mentioned above event was attended by community leaders HR Shah, Piyush Patel, Rajeev Bhambri, India Abroad, Sudhir Vaishnav, Sahara TV, Alka Agrawal EBC Radio, Ramesh Patel, Gulshan Chhabra and others.




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